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03/2015 - We have a New Contest beginning this month and Ending September 30th.  There will be 3 Winners!  

To find out more about this Contest CLICK HERE

- We have received a number of suggestion and comments from our customers and viewers and we appreciate ALL of the advice from each and everyone of you!  We want to offer what viewers and customers are looking for, what they are interested in.  We have reviewed all that have came in so far to date and those that had the most requests were: Offering items for men; offer stainless steel jewelry for those who can't tolerate silver or gold, another suggetion was to offer plus sizes.

04/2015 - I am happy to report that we LISTENED to all of you!  We have added stainless steel jewelry to our shop, we have also added plus sizes to our shop and we have added items for men PLUS we are in the process of adding More items in All of those categories!  We Do appreciate ALL of your comments and suggestions.  Although we may not have added everything that some of you mentioned, we plan to continue to expand our shop as we listen to YOUR suggestions and build on our customers wishes and desires.  We are Here for YOU!

Thanks again for your comments and suggestions, Please keep them coming!  As you see, we DO Listen!

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05/2015 - We have just added a new Category to our Sterling Silver Section called: MARCASITE COLLECTION.  This category has High Quality Marcasites set in solid 925 Sterling Silver.  We offer pendants, earrings and rings, some also have CZ's.  Marcasite Jewelry are becoming more and more desirable and popular, therefore we decided to add this to our Sterling Silver section, More items will be coming Soon!

- We have found a new wholesale company that offers cell phone accessories, health aides and miscellaneous items and we are Happy to announce that we have added new categories to our shop!  We will be adding new items to these new categories very soon.  Our new categories are:  Cell Phone Accessories and Miscellaneous Accessories.  We have had some requests for us to carry children's clothing so we have also added a Kids Clothing section and will be adding items to this category soon as well.  We hope you enjoy these new items we will be adding and that you find items that will be of use to you.  As always, we appreciate Your feedback and suggestions!

06/2015 - We are excited to report that we are in the process of developing a Shopping Event in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.  To find out more about this Special event, please visit Our Event Page.  

- I personally have a lot of grandchildren, 11 total (6 girls and 5 boys), with 5 of them 10 years and younger; so I have decided to bring more children's clothing into my shop.  I have found several wholesale companies to buy in bulk from to get great deals and pass the savings on to you, our customers.  For those of you who have young children or grandchildren, we hope you find items you like and let others know about us.  We strive to keep our prices as low as possible because 2 of my kids are single parents and I was a single parent for a long time so I know how difficult it is to raise children on a low budget.  We intend to keep our prices low and add more variety of kids clothing to our shop so you have a good selection to choose from.  We know there are several online shops out there that we are competing with (so to speak), however, we strive to have our prices even lower than them, yet have good quality items.  If you like what you see, PLEASE spread the word to others!  Thanks for your continued support!